We take care of all the details to make you feel good…

HOLISTIC therapies

In this paradise of wild nature and deserted beaches , we have also created a magical place, the Secret Garden which propses a sauna and cabin, where we realize diverse therapies.


This is a special massage, profound and relaxing, in which we use coconut oil using different all-body manual techniques, liberating physical and emocional tension, helping one to connect with one´s own essence.


The reflection of our bodies is through our feet, and the manipulation of different points on the feet helps to restore health in one´s organism.

Metamorphic Technique

Through touch of the internal points of one´s feet, we step back to pre-birth being, life forming stage whereby we can liberate behavioural templates defined at an inconcious level. These, many times can cause various problems later on in adult life, on physical and psychic levels.


A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient´s body and restore physical and emotional well being.

Sacred Sauna

Treament with vapor and plant essences to clean and purify our bodies, connecting us with nature and our ancestry.


Relaxaing treatment in the Jacuzzi with foam and natural essences to clean the skin and relax the mind.


We feel that this is a healing place, ideal for retirering in silence or stays for introspection and rest, together we are here to attend to your necessities and interests.

ACTIVIties & nature

At Casa del Mar the proposal is to enjoy the nature and explore this marvelous region.

 Offering different excursions, boat trips in the interior of Camamú Bay, the third biggest of Brasil. Visiting the Pedra Furada, Cajaíba islands, and the Tremembé waterfall…

 You can contemplate on the Jubarte whales or snorkel in the natural pools of Taipus de Fora, considered one of the best beaches of Brasil, witness spectacular sunsets at Barra Grande or visit the surf city of Itacaré.

 For the more adventurous, you can downstream on river rapids on canoes and swim in lost waterfalls in the interior of the tropical forest.